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The Math Foundation Program is designed to help students build a stronger foundation through fun games, team building, and learning the logic behind mathematics.  If you want your child to become a long term independent learner and feeling confidence in math, this is the program for you.  It is a great way to let them see how fun and easy math can be for anyone.



Medford Location (2:00-4:00pm)

Monday (6/28,7/6,7/13,7/20): Level 1-2

Tuesday (6/29,7/7,7/14,7/21): Level 3-4

Wednesday (6/30,7/8,7/15,7/22): Level 5-6

Thursday (7/1,7/9,7/16,7/23): Level 7-8

Monday (8/3,8/10, 8/17,8/24): Level 2-3

Tuesday (8/4,8/11, 8/18,8/25): Level 4-5

Wednesday (8/5,8/12, 8/19,8/26): Level 6-7

Thursday (8/6,8/13, 8/20,8/27): Level 8-9


Summer Math Foundation