Remote Learning Assistance Program

Would you like your child to have a routine schedule every morning to keep up with their virtual schooling?  If so, our remote learning assistance program is right for you.  Students will arrive in the morning, before their class starts, so they can setup their computer at an assigned seat in compliance with the social distancing policy.  We will have assistants there to help with any questions or concerns that your child may have.  This program covers students with classes between 7:30am-12:00pm.  Costs $40/day.  Full day option is available from 7:30am-5:00pm, there will be lunch break, game time, homework hour, and activities.  The cost is $75/day. Students have option of bring their own food or purchase from our café.  Pre-loaded meal cards are available with 10% bonus dollars.  We are a nut free facility, so no nut food is allowed.

Homework Help Programs

Want to ensure your child gets the homework help that they need?   We understand homework time can be very stressful for kids and parents.  We will be offering homework help packages this upcoming school year.  How do these packages work?

Option 1: Start with a package that you think your child will need this school year.  They can use as little as 1 hour per week or as many as they need to complete their assignments.  Due to the social distancing policy, we must limit the number of students on site.  For those without set hours, a call in advance to check for availability is needed. 


# of Hours

Grade Level

1 to 40

41 to 80

91 to 120

120 to 160

161 to 200

201 to 240

1st – 6th grade







7th – 10th grade








Option 2: Online homework help membership.  For an annual membership fee, students can select a window of time  for the help they need each week with a very affordable pricing:

Annual membership (9/15-6/15): Basic $899(2hrs/wk), Silver $1699(4hrs/wk), Gold $1999(unlimited)

Monthly membership: Basic $130(2hr/wk), Silver $245(4hrs/wk), Gold $288(4hrs/wk)

Math/Literacy Enrichment

Thinking of homeschooling or online schooling for your child this upcoming school year?  We are offering small group classes for math and literacy enrichment.  This program will help to keep your child on track with everything that they are learning in school and beyond.  Each class will have 4 or less students and will be 1-2 hours per week depending on the selected package.  By knowing your child will be with the same few students in every class, it will bring you peace of mind about the transmission of the virus.  On the top of that, your child’s tuition also includes one cup of any of our immune boosting beverages every week.  We are offering these beverages, because our children have been drinking it for the past 12 years, and they have never been sick enough to need a visit to the doctor.  We want to keep a fun and healthy environment for everyone in our facility.  Hand sanitizer will be available for students and classroom cleaning will take place in between classes.  Due to the sizing of our new classes, spaces are limited for each grade level.  We also offer online programs.  Schedule for an assessment (856)242-9128

Multi-program discount and sibling discounts available.  Call us to schedule for a tour, assessment or learn more about our programs and offerings.

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Remote Learning Assistance Program

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