School-age Programs(Grades K-12)


Math Accelerator offers practical problem-solving solutions so your child understands the foundation concepts of math in an innovative way that combines games and learning and guides them to better learning as they grow.
Your child will learn the logic behind mathematics and think outside the box using the skills they develop.  Unlike traditional classrooms, enrichment and tutoring programs where students sit behind a desk, take notes and fill out worksheets, our approach is different.
We require sneakers and comfortable clothes because our teaching is interactive. We make learning fun which helps students to think logically and builds their confidence. Children are more focused and will try harder when they are having fun. Working in a group environment also helps students develop leadership and team skills.
Class recommendations are not based on age and grade. From our assessment, we determine the appropriate starting point for your child.  It does not matter if your child is struggling or very advanced, we have an appropriate program for everyone.

Call Us: 1-855-FIX-MATH   /   /  300 Chester Ave, Suite 102 Moorestown, NJ 08057

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© 2016 by Math Accelerator

© 2016 by Math Accelerator