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Course Descriptions

Entrepreneurship I & II

This program will help spark your child’s imagination and creativity.  This is an introduction on how to turn an idea into a reality and building teamwork skills.  Students will work in a group to brainstorm ideas and learn the process of building and presenting a business. They will learn logo design, branding, website design, marketing, PowerPoint presentation, teamwork, and budgets.  There is so much to learn, so students are encouraged to complete both Part I and II to learn all the steps.  Students can enroll in Part I without completing Part II, but Part I is required to enroll in Part II.


Crazy Science

Students will have the opportunity to do hands-on experiments with fun challenges as an individual and in a group.  The course will help open students’ minds to science and engineering and enhance their innovative thinking.


Cool Arts

Every day, students will be introduced to new types of cool art projects.  They may design and build their own working clock, build their own hanging picture frame, learn how to fold different origamis, create their own colored sands or make unique sand pictures and arts, and more.

STEM Challenge

Every day, students will learn and work together on a STEM project.  At the end of the day, they will compete against other students for fun.  This course will enhance your child’s creativities and provide a great introduction to engineering field.


Game Design & Challenge

Tired of watching your child getting hooked on video games?  In this program, we will work together to design board games and escape room games.  Parents are invited at the end of the week to come try out the escape room our students created.


Pre-School Fun

This program is specially designed for the little ones.  We will have 3 hours of fun learning.  There will be various daily activities to keep your child engaged.  Some of the activities are: story time, fun math, arts and crafts, dancing/party, games and more.  This program is not only fun, it is also very educational and a great way to introduce teamwork skills.  Students will be grouped by their skill level for some of the activities to enhance their learning.

Math Enrichment

Our interactive and fun math program can enhance your child's math ability and potential. The goal is to help your child to build confidence, understand the logic of mathematics, and guide them to become an independent learner.  Each day students will be learning some new concepts and how to apply them during our game challenges. As your child’s skill level continues to grow, student can sign up for the next level of the program and/or the upcoming new school year program.