MATHscape Room

Can You Pass The Class? 

You've heard of escape rooms where teams work against the clock to figure out how to unlock the code to escape a room. We have the MATHscape Room designed to integrate basic math logic and concepts into interactive puzzles that rely on group dynamics and creative problem solving.  

MATHscape room started out as part of our Math Enrichment program activity.  After seeing the fun and challenge it brought to the classroom, we decided to offer it to the public as something different to bring friends together.


This is a great activity for a family or neighborhood outing, social and school groups, or as a fundraiser event for your organization. How it works: Your team needs to figure out the lock combination to escape the room before the alarm goes off and your hour is up. Clues are hidden throughout the room and designed to test how well your team can think outside of the box using basic math concepts to solve complex problems. Teams can (and do!) try to sabotage each other.


It's great fun for everyone-- even Vittoria (Tori) Woodill of CBSPhilly tried to escape! View story


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© 2016 by Math Accelerator

© 2016 by Math Accelerator