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Part of the problem with learning Math is confidence. Math Accelerator, a learning center founded by Kit Wong, Engineer, Author and mother of two, enhances your child's confidence and logic skills through fun, innovative games and activities. 
We offer unique age-appropriate programs for Pre-K through high school aged students. We even have refresher courses and test anxiety help for High school and college students.
Our focus helps your children build or rebuild their math foundation from the roots and guides them through the critical thinking process of math in a fun way.
We don't use desks or worksheets. In fact, we ask that your child wear sneakers for all the running around they will be doing. Our unique, hands-on approach helps students to think logically and "outside the box" to develop better leadership and team skills.
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January, 2017

Call Us: 1-855-FIX-MATH   /  info@mathaccelerator.com   /  101 E. Main Street, Suite 104 Moorestown, NJ 08057

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© 2016 by Math Accelerator

© 2016 by Math Accelerator